NorthWest Crossing is expanding

650 housing units expected

The ever popular NorthWest Crossing real estate development in Bend, Oregon is expanding, again.

According to the Bend Comprehensive Plan, the area involved in the sale requires an approved master plan and a minimum of 650 housing units, with at least 60 single-family attached units and 142 multifamily and duplex/triplex units.

The concept also includes 450 detached, single-family homes covering about 60 percent of the property.

The multi-family, duplex/triplex portion of the development is very exciting.  This is the missing piece in Central Oregon.  It’s important for young families and retirees.

If you would like more information regarding this development of Bend real estate give us a call.

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Scott and Robyn Tuttle

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  • May 11, 2017

    It’s great that the Bend comprehensive plan has a requirement for multi-family dwellings. The addition of 142 duplex and triplex units won’t hurt the housing situation in Bend but it’ll do little to alleviate the shortage of affordable housing, especially on the west side.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the mulit-family units work out. I’m not sure how cost effective these units can be for young families and retirees if the going rate for NW Crossing properties is ~$350 a sq ft.

    Again, it’s great to hear the city is addressing the need for low cost housing in Bend’s west side but I still believe that young families and non-millionaire retirees are going to be looking at lower priced offerings that aren’t situated in West side of Bend.

    Rodney Trepess May 11, 2017

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